Monday, November 27, 2006

Santa and Grandpa

It's Christmas time, and attention goes,to the funny guy with his ho, ho, ho's.Yes, we all know the reindeer story,And hear the tales of Santa's glory.But this will pass, and soon over town,the decorations will be coming down.They'll be put away until next year,when it's time again for Christmas Cheer.So I am sticking with another old guy,And I'm writing this to tell you why.Old Santa's great one day, it's true,But Grandpa's here the whole year through.He sits by me when I'm feeling bad,He's the best old friend I've ever had.He will tell me a story, yes, and then,He can quickly make me smile again.We fish and Grandpa baits my hook,If I ask him he will read my book.He holds my hand when we take a walkAnd he really listens when I talk.So I truly love this dear old man,Who sees me every time he can.He goes with me and he cheers, too,When Old Santa Claus is passing through.
—Grandpa TuckerCopyright ©1998 by Bob Tucker


Whattheheckisthis99 said...

Aww what a cute poem! I cant wait til Joel gets home so I can read it with him!
So sweet and true!!