Friday, April 20, 2007

~~ Grandma's Prayer~~

Grandma's Prayer
Grandkids are Gods special gift to let every grandma know
That the Lord has set aside a special prayer,for when you’re feeling low.

I’m not sure if I have all the words but they came straight from Gods heart
To let each Grandma always know they’re loved right from the start.

Dear Grandma when I awoke today and saw that great big sun
I knew you put it in the sky So we could go out and have some fun.
And when I heard the robins sing and listened to their happy tune
I remembered how you sing me to sleep I hope you show up soon.
And when I saw that yellow butterfly land upon my window sill
The beauty I saw in front of me reminded me of Grandma,
I know it always will.
I got up then and knelt and prayed to our Lord Jesus in the sky
I thanked Him for all these beautiful things
But I had one more prayer before I said goodbye.
Dear God, when you see Grandma
Send an angel to keep her safe from harm
Then send her here to play with me
I feel safe inside her arms.