Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pookie, the Purple Catapillar
This is the story of Pookie, the purple catapillar. It's not a fancy story; or a story that will bring you any sort of inner peace; but instead, a story that may help you see the forest through the trees.
This story begins one early fall day, when all the leaves on the trees were changing colors and drifting so beautifully to the floor of the forest. All the other bugs and creatures used to compliment Pookie daily on the graceful way in which she moved about and how she shared her dreams and aspirations with all of them of her floating through the air someday with the greatest of ease. Many of her friends believed her, however, there were some who scoffed and laughed at her. But she didn't mind. She just simply believed in herself and her dream.
That evening, she told everyone that she was going to climb this tree of all trees that was commonly but reverantly known as 'The Big Mamma'. This was no ordinary tree. It had been there for 1000's of years and was the tallest, the biggest, the widest, the leafiest, the branchiest tree you've ever seen! Pookie said she was going to climb it, take a nap when she got to the top, and then fly down to all who would be there for her. They threw a little going away party for her and off she climbed until she was out of site. They decided to go to their homes and wait until spring because the weather was starting to change. Some thought they would never see her again.
By the time she got to the top of The Big Mamma, the weather was really windy and getting very cold so she started to build her a caccoon on a branch to keep warm. Pookie fell asleep and when she awoke, it was a warm, sunny day. She stretched out and noticed that there was something different about herself. She had awoke with the most beautiful wings with hundreds and hundreds of different colors in them. She thought to herself, all my dreams have come true and outstretched her arms and leaped off the branch. She fluttered and floated and flew around the tree for what seemed an eternity. And when she reached the floor of the forest, there they all were clapping with tears in their eye's.
"We knew you could do it! We knew you could do it Pookie!", they shouted and screamed. Then off she flew, never to be seen again. She was a legend. So much so, they spoke of her often. They even wrote a song about her. You want to hear it? Here it goes!
(Sung to: Rock a Bye Baby)
Good little Pookie, in the tree top,Climbed up Big Momma only to stop,When she awoke, she spread out her wings,And floated away to dream other dreams.
Your dreams can come true. But only if you believe in yourself and never give up on those dreams.
God Bless.
This would be a nice little story to read to your kids, or grandkids as a bedtime story. Pookie is a friend of mine.
The End